Arena Wars Fighting Series - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Event on May 21, 2022 in Salem, Oregon USA

On Saturday May 21st the Arena Wars Fighting Series will be back in action for another night of great fights inside the Salem Armory Auditorium. This event will feature LIVE Professional MMA Cage Fighting, Caged Kickboxing, Submission Grappling & Tag Team Submission Matches.

Event Information

Suspension Issues

These fighters are currently serving a suspension by an ABC-recognized athletic commission.

Katie Howard - (OSAC, Oregon)

Bryon Gonzales - (OSAC, Oregon)

Brittany Sims - (OSAC, Oregon)

Christian Tajiri - (OSAC, Oregon)

Tricia Lee Straight - (OSAC, Oregon)

Branden Kunkel - (OSAC, Oregon)

Khortni Kamyron - (OSAC, Oregon)

Mihaela Keller - (OSAC, Oregon)

Tyson Sundust - (OSAC, Oregon)

Anthony Tena - (OSAC, Oregon)

Cesar Dash - (OSAC, Oregon)

Bilal Hasan - (OSAC, Oregon)

Conner Mcadams - (OSAC, Oregon)

Nathan Youngclaus - (OSAC, Oregon)

Seth Baugher - (OSAC, Oregon)

Maddie Moorhead - (OSAC, Oregon)